Lazy Bear Checklist, Part 4

Our advice on cell phone coverage, wifi, etc. is a good read, check it out. As we're preparing for Lazy Bear, here's one more thing newbies and returning men should know:

Share the space

This is a broad message to all with a nudge toward those who head out early and put their towels down on lounge chairs and then disappear for hours. We're all there to have fun, so we hope that you're willing to slide on over and let someone share your space with you. Yes, some may have to put their towels down on the pavement/deck and there's plenty of space for that.

There are multiple daily options for pool parties from Lazy, to Mild to Wild. There's a daytime location that you'll find your comfort zone. Whether it's in the thick of the action on 4th Street or Brookside Lane or up the hill or down at the river.

It's a weekend of camaraderie and fun. Say hello to the solo traveler - we've all been there before. Invite someone you've just met to share your dinner table, or more.

A word of advice on sharing too much (publicly) - some have been known to sneak off into the woods for some extracurricular fun. Please note: there's Poison Oak in the woods. Know what it looks like and take precautions. At night, just don't risk it; no one wants to wake up with an itchy rash?

Here are a few identifiable aspects of poison oak. Look for the 3 leaves. This time of year, the leaves may be green or reddish green or red. Don't touch it!

Poison oak is transmissible through the oils from the plant- you can't get it from touching someone with it — you have to touch the plant/oil itself. If you do think you might have a poison oak rash, some quick remedies will be available in the Safeway Pharmacy or you may plan on taking some of the following with you: cold compresses, calamine lotion, hydrocortisone cream or tea tree oil.

And, if any illness befalls you at Lazy Bear, please consult your physician or a health care provider at the Russian River Health Center if they're open.

We want you to have a hairy, happy and healthy time at Lazy Bear. See you SOON! :-)