Lazy Bear Checklist, Part 5

As we teased last year, we're all grown up now. Twenty years of successes and lessons have led us to the offering you're about to experience. We hope you'll enjoy yourself and we will be soliciting feedback after, we repeat — after the event. We do want you to enjoy yourself and, please know...

Prepare for FUN

Exhale. Relax. Be comfortable in your own skin. Say hello to strangers. Take photos. Tag #LazyBearWeekend and #LBW so we can amass a great group of photos so future generations might see our revelry.

Pack your singlet, pack your harness, show off your newest and sexiest undies. Strip down to your undies for BEARRACUDA on Friday night at the River Theater then Gear Up for the inaugural FURR PLAY on Saturday night at the River Theater.

The indoor dance venues will be equipped with barrel fans to keep the dance floor cool.

Advice for all vacationers (all the time): try not to let small hiccups bother you. Know in advance that there may be lines/waits for entry to restaurants, events and bars. We promise that will do our best to ensure that the events under our control will run smoothly. Every group and gathering has them…we're mindful of Chicken Littles in the crowd. :-)

Behind the scenes we've been scheduling DJs, negotiating with venues and contracting with suppliers and sponsors and shoring up our volunteer force. We've also been monitoring the Sonoma County reports about the condition of the Russian River just as we did last year.

As of July 28th, while some river beaches more inland have been affected, there is a reported level of ZERO blue-green algae bacteria detected in the water at Johnson's Beach in Guerneville. Yes! there is currently a "Caution" sign posted at Johnson's beach, be mindful and keep your pets and small children out of the water. Note: this is not pollution. Blue-green algae is naturally occurring, yet may be harmful in large quantities.

Check back here for info and updates about the Sonoma County reports on Johnson's Beach at the Russian River. If, for some reason there is a shut-down of the beach, we have a backup plan that's sure to please. :-)