Lazy Bear Checklist, Part 3

During Lazy Bear, Guerneville will be teeming with over 1,000 revelers. Here's some more advice about the town, the event, and the weekend. Despite appearances that may seem contrary...

You’re coming to the woods

Guerneville does not have great cell phone reception/connectivity. And the town seems to want to keep it that way.

We live in a fast paced world and have to connect. Hook-up apps, Tweets, Snapchats, and even reading the news. This is going to frustrate some. Hopefully, your hotel/motel/home/campsite will have WiFi for you.

For those who arrive earlier in the week, you'll be pleased with speeds. Later in the week, as more Lazy Bears arrive, the more difficulty you may have.

What to do?

  1. Plan accordingly: since you now know this, make arrangements for that work call to be at a better time of day when you'll have a good connection.
  2. Turn it off. Cruising on Growlr is fun, and so is meeting a guy in person and talking to him!
  3. Head to the Coffee Bazaar, Big Bottom Market (yes, it's a real place), Starbucks (in the Safeway), Timberline, 3 Alarm Grill, Piñoli Cucina Rustica or other locale with free Wifi (with purchase). Best bet is for any of these places that are open in the early morning when other bears are snoring — connections may be better.

One more thing…
Because of the slow connectivity, the Lazy Bear bars (at the West Sonoma Inn Pool Parties and Bonfires, Johnson's Beach and River Theater) are CASH ONLY. We'd love to take your credit cards, but the service would take too long.

There are four 24-hour ATMs in Guerneville:

  1. Wells Fargo at Safeway
  2. Bank of America on River Road
  3. West America Bank on River Road
  4. Community Firsr Credit Union on Armstrong Woods Road  

There's also an ATM inside the R3 Hotel and maybe inside the local liquor stores and other businesses.

So, this tip piggy-backs on the advice to relax. Unplug if you can and bring some cash with you to the pool parties, dances and bonfires. Hopefully knowing this in advance will make your experience in the woods lots more fun.