Lazy Bear Checklist, Part 2

Previously we reminded you about the 40-degree temperature change everyday. Today, we'll remind you to:

Pace yourself

Put the lazy back in Lazy Bear Weekend! There’s a lot to do during Lazy Bear Weekend. Slow down, enjoy yourself, take a nap or sleep in, plan your itinerary and don’t burn out too soon.

Consider some morning coffee at the Coffee Bazaar or Grove (both places offer free coffee for Lazy Bear 21 tag holders - check the schedule for times). And take a morning walk through town for a look through some of the shops.

Check out the Events link for the daily schedule.
In the afternoon, check out the pool parties. Or go on one of the the wine tours on Thursday and Friday or a hike on Friday or Saturday. Take a nap and snuggle with the cute cub you met by the pool.

In the early evening, try out our new Bear Feed at Timberline and Betty Spaghetti. A fixed price meal with some options is the base you might need for the evening shenanigans, which include dance parties, drag queens, cigar smoking and bonfires.

Remember all of the activities are optional. You're free to do whatever you like. Rest and relax or party until dawn. Just be sure to pace yourself.