Lazy Bear Checklist, Part 1

This is the first of 5 posts with a few pointers for first-timers and reminders for the seasoned Lazy Bear veterans.

Hot days/cool nights

The daytime temperature in Guerneville can range from 85°–95°F (29°–35°C). That's why we have so many pool parties! This year, we'll have a party at Johnson's Beach on Saturday afternoon (our own section of the beach cordoned off for just the Lazy Bears).
Bring sunscreen, sexy swimwear, sandals, hats, lightweight t-shirts & bug spray. Consider bringing a water float/tube/lounge for relaxing on the Russian River.

The night time temperature in Guerneville can range from 50°–60°F (10°–15°C). That's why we invite you to warm up at the bonfire or cozy up to your new friends and old acquaintances at the River Theater or local bars.
Bring jeans, sweatshirts, and, yes, maybe a knit cap.

There'll also be Lazy Bear branded tshirts, sweatshirts and hats on sale.

Tomorrow, we'll post our second tip/recommendation.

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