Schedule: Wednesday 7/31 at Lazy Bear Week 2019

Wednesday our pool parties are underway with our MILD and WILD options. Enjoy the serenity of The Highlands or the thump, thump, thump of the beats of Movin’ Mike at the West Sonoma Inn. The day will start again with a nice stretch with Joseph in the lawn adjacent to the vineyard at the West Sonoma Inn, then a beverage or nosh the Coffee Bazaar (free coffee between 10-11am with bear tag). Come say hello and hug a volunteer at Lazy Bear HQ (opens at 10am). Then show off that beautiful body at or in the pool.

The Friends of Bill meet at 2 at Main Street Station. We have a meet and greet at the Pee Wee Golf and Arcade from 4:30 through 7:30pm, then cuddle up with loved ones (new or old) at our first ever Movie Night at the lawn adjacent to the vineyard at the West Sonoma Inn - it’ll be Raiders Of The Lost Ark.

Below, some photos from Tuesday’s Tutus at the Beach and Trivia Night at Timberline. Click to enlarge.

Thanks to all who came out to Lazy Bear Week Trivia Night at Timberline! It was great fun. When it was all over, 17 teams competed for the grand prizes. Here’s how it all turned out:

17th: Team No-name, 58pts (ineligible to win); 16th: Wild Devils, 8pts; 15th: Anusthing Is Possible, 38pts; 14th: H-N-O, 39pts; 13th: Pump-n-Munch, 49pts; 12th: Gloria Hole, 54pts; 11th: Tea Baggers, 55pts; 10th: It’s A Mouthful, 58pts; 9th: Bearly Awake, 61.1pts; 8th: Malicious Disfigurement, 61.2pts; 7th: Camp Daddy Long Legs, 61.3pts; 6th: Otter Pops, 61.4pts; 5th: Bare Bait, 62pts, 4th: It’s A Great Night To Go To Pecs, 65.1pts; 3rd: One Stomach Flu Away From My Goal Weight, 65.2pts; 2nd: No Gag Reflex, 66pts; and our winners: Oh For Fuck’s Sake, 72/94 points.