Mild - At the Highlands

Lazy Bear Weekend officially began at 10AM this morning with the opening of the Lazy Bear HQ at the Sonoma Nesting Company. Pick up your bear tags and merchandise at the HQ.

Enjoy two pool parties today:
Wild: at the R3 Hotel where DJ Movin' Mike warms your engines slowly as you sit poolside.
Mild: at the Highlands Resort (pic below)

The Highlands Resort is a short walk up the hill near the fire station. Once there, you'll find an idyllic space in the Redwoods. Clothing optional sunbathing and swimming at the pool makes for an extremely comfortable experience.

These two gentlemen will be there. And they're sporting their green Highlands tags with their Lazy Bear 21 Bear Tags!

We're happy the Highlands continues to be a Lazy Bear pool party location. Grab your head phones and your summer reading, strip down and socialize with new friends.

Click here for a full schedule of Lazy Bear 2017 events.