Lazy Bear 21 - Day 5 Gallery

A Lazy Bear marriage proposal highlighted the afternoon at Sunday Furry Sunday in the back meadow at the West Sonoma Inn.

We all enjoyed fun in and around the pool, on the lawn with delicious Timberline sandwiches and drinks from our sexy bar staff. DJ Rotten Robbie continued to bestow bliss on the Lazy Bears as he spun the men into the sunset. The evening included Bear Feed lasagna selections from Timberline, Bearaoke at R3, Rough House with DJ Ryan Jones and Johnny Sonic at the River Theater, and our first-ever Sunday Night Bonfire at the West Sonoma Inn. Below are some photos from the day and evening. Click to enlarge.

We extend a hearty thank you to all Lazy Bear 21 attendees, sponsors, staff and volunteers. We hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as we did. The weekend will fade into the week today as we close out the festival with Mudslide Monday at the R3 Hotel. Your last chance at Lazy Bear merchandise and to bid farewell to the new friends and old buddies in Guerneville.

If you have Lazy Bear 21 photos you’d like to share, please send a link to them to Thank you.