FAQs: Lazy Bear Week 2019

In these final few days leading up to Lazy Bear 2019, here’s a resource with answers to your frequently asked questions.


When is Lazy Bear Week?

2019: July 29 through August 5; 2020: July 27 through August 3

Typically, the event will immediately follow Up Your Alley Weekend in SF.

I’m not a bear, how do I fit in?

With our event name, we realize what the impression might be. The bear community is a welcoming and open one. All are welcome and there’s something for everyone at Lazy Bear Week. Check our photo galleries in our blog posts and you’re sure to see the broad diversity that we’re proud of.


How is the flood recovery going?

To visit Guereville, there’s no immediate evidence of the record floods that affected the town this past February and March. Upon closer inspection, it’s apparent that recovery/reconstruction efforts are still underway. Most businesses have reopened with some caveats (see below). The town is very much looking forward to our week-long event.

About the flood: Fife’s Creek, which runs behind the R3 Hotel and The Woods, and in front of the West Sonoma Inn, swelled to envelop those properties. As a result, each business had to re-build, and contend wth insurance, construction, labor and loss of revenue — each bringing their own challenges. And, as is obvious by the delayed opening of the R3 and delayed construction at the West Sonoma Inn, some venues face more challenges than others.

We look forward to seeing these new and improved properties and we are excited to be utilizing these properties for Lazy Bear Week 2020 (July 27 through August 3).

What’s up with WiFi in town?

We know that those used to seamless connections will be (and have been) frustrated by the slow or non-existent signals in Guerneville. Please plan accordingly. Keep in mind that there are ~3,000 visitors all vying for the same signals in a town. There will be a network available for short-term use at Lazy Bear HQ. Other area locations with WiFi include hotels, restaurants, and The Coffee Bazaar.


Where do I pick up my bear tags?
At Lazy Bear HQ. We have a new location for 2019; it’s the Appaloosa Bar located below the Timberline restaurant on the corner of 4th and Mill Streets. There’ll be big, bold signage out front starting 7/29.

Do I need bear tags to attend events?
No. But we recommend it. Bear tags allow you free admission to most events, discounted admission to the dance parties, and other perks throughout Guerneville. We know that some prefer the a la carte option and pay the admission fees at the pool parties, campfires, shows and dance parties.

What’s the value of a bear tag?
The answer is: it’s difficult to quantify, but it’s definitely a deal! Add up the admission costs to all the events during the week and you’ll come to a number ~$250. Not included in this is the value of area discounts.

Lazy Bear Week is an event produced by the Lazy Bear Fund, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. All the profits are donated to local, regional, national, and international charities.


Can you help me find a place to stay?

I have a place to offer, how can I let attendees know?


How do I get there?

Guerneville is located 75 miles north of San Francisco. The nearest airport is The Sonoma County (Charles Schultz) Airport.

The Lazy Bear Fund is offering round trip shuttle bus service (for a fee) on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets and info available here.


Where can I see the event listings?


Where have the R3 pool been relocated?

There’ll be a sticker on the back of the programs. Here’s the plan:

Monday: pool party at The Woods

Tuesday: trivia night at Timberline

Wednesday: pool party at WSI

Thursday: pool party at WSI

There’s an event at The River Theater on a Saturday that’s bear themed- is it a Lazy Bear Week 2019 event?

No. The Lazy Bear dance event on Saturday, August 3 is the FURRPLAY GEAR party at the Veteran’s Memorial Hall. While we support all recovery efforts in Guerneville—after the flood, the Fire Department strictly limited the capacity at the River Theater, so in order to maximize our party experiences, our dance parties will be at Veteran’s Memorial Hall.